We are souls


This is my first post ,I never wrote anything before, and being a day dreamer  I always knew one day I’ll write ,but I  didn’t think I would  before  am old enough and know what I want in life so I can share a positive experience  with the world .

Ironically now am a 23 years old girl , struggling in my personal life ,  I feel like this is actually the time to write ,to share my views of the world which  varies from interesting  to dump ,and may be discover myself  in the way

am  always thinking  and wanting to learn about so many things , but mostly am fascinated with the human mind ,personalities, just how different we act in different situations ,how we connect as humans to each other and the world around us ,makes me want to dig more and know  why and how we do it ,may be discover my own ways and theories  one day ,to make it easier to understand our selves ,and change behaviors ,but now I guess I’ll start with myself.

as an overly sensitive person , everything I see in the world around me I connect it to a feeling ,no matter how it may seem small  or ordinary  to other people it will always mean something to me on a deeper level, this always brought me this inner sense of sadness that I didn’t get ,and  growing up I though it’s a bad thing  ,I thought I was the only person with this intense feeling going around all the time ,specially that no one got it , I didn’t meet someone on any time in my life who can understand me or who I can open up to , or just connect with ,had to struggle a lot with having intense feelings almost all the time ,but now after  concentrating , thinking and dealing a lot with it ,thinking it was my main problem ,searching for the balance ,I find out step by step it’s not something I want to  get rid of , am a better person because of  it or how I choose to deal with it .

for me I believe am a soul ,I believe we are all originally souls ,that stays in a body for a short period of time, and then our souls become free and transforms  ,but no matter how many shapes we change before or after this life, the main thing, the only constant is that we are souls , “you may think so too or name it our higher self ,our deep intuition “ whatever  u name it , that’s who we originally are, that’s the core ,and what i always wondered about, was why we choose to neglect this bigger part of us ,the one we really should communicate with ,and listen to ,and choose to give our ego the upper hand ,to make it the controlling part of all our actions, behaviors and feelings ,and just let it bring us such sadness ,hatred, and dissatisfaction..

my soul is the main source for all the good I do and feel , it’s the main source of our connection as humans ,the more am connected with it  ,the better human being  I feel  I can be  , and the less influence my ego  has on me ,and may be for me this connection shows in how deeply I feel about  the world around me  , and it shows in different forms for  other people  , I wouldn’t change who I am to be tougher , more cruel ,or disconnected from the world , so am embracing this connection , learning how to deal with it.

 Going through this tough period in my life, this is the one thing that still makes me want to keep going 

 am more happy with who I am , than I have ever been , and I wish I would never forget how precious my soul is to me .

That’s why I guess I want to be part of helping others how to hold the key to their souls.

just a thought “ if you remember that you are a soul before anything else , and find your own thing that makes you connect the best with it ,and do that  ,in a simple way ,how much would your life and many life’s around you change “,  for me It’s a daily struggle but it’s worth it ,because at the end we are all just souls .


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